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* Do you know what the TTL is?

Suggested article: What is TTL?

TTL - what is it? Time to Live (TTL) is a mechanism used to limit the lifetime of data on a network. When a user accesses your website, you want them to see the most up-to-date information on it. That's why you need a TTL.

"Time to live" describes how long your data is available from the network before the router clears it. It is used to improve your website's load time and keep information up to date.

We'll give an example for TTL. We have pointing to IP address and TTL set to 3 600 (1 hour). When the client searches for , IP will be stored in their cache for that one hour.
If the IP for that record changes to, for example,, the client will continue to switch to for the next one hour after their initial visit until the TTL counts down back to 0. At that moment the record expires and a new request can be made. Then the customer will be forwarded to on their next request.

If you would like to know more about Time to Live, we will leave a link where you can find more information about why TTL is important and how to configure it.